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Viscaria CS

Viscaria CS

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The Butterfly Viscaria blade combines the Arylate fiber features of lightness, flexibility, and shock absorption with the carbon fiber features of high elasticity and minimal dissipation of energy. The result is a wonderful combination of power and control, with a sweet spot larger than a traditional all wood blade and softer touch than a standard carbon blade.

This Butterfly table tennis blade is ideal for quick counter-looping right off the bounce, though it is still capable of producing strong shots back from the table. The superior balance of offensive and defensive performance has been proven by the fact that many top players around the world still use it and continue to deliver results.

To increase the grip on this blade, you can add Soft Grip Tape, providing grip and comfort to the racket handle. Another great choice to extend the longevity of your racket is adding side tape to the blade, protecting the wood in the event it is hit on the table.

  • Reaction: 11.8
  • Vibration: 10.6
  • Plies: 5 Wood + 2 ALC
  • Weight: ~83 grams
  • Blade Thickness: 5.7 mm
  • Penhold Weight: ~83 grams
  • Penhold Blade Size: 158x150
  • Penhold Handle Size: 82x22 mm
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