Product Authentication

Please note that we do not provide authentication services for products purchased or to be purchased by customers, nor can we take any responsibility for counterfeit products purchased by customers. Please contact us for more information about the authorised Butterfly resellers around your area. 

Notice: Beware of Counterfeit Butterfly Products

We deeply appreciate the enduring support that our customers have shown for Butterfly table tennis products.

In recent years, the circulation of counterfeit products has become a social issue, not just limited to table tennis equipment. We have confirmed the existence of counterfeit rubbers, blades, shoes, apparel, bags, and other Butterfly products both in Japan and other countries. In particular, numerous counterfeit products are found on various online shopping sites, auction sites, and resale platforms. In some cases, even though genuine product photos were displayed on the site, customers received counterfeit products upon purchase. While we are strengthening our efforts to request the removal of counterfeit products from these sites and take legal action against counterfeit sellers, it is unfortunately difficult to eliminate all counterfeit products.

Counterfeits are inferior to genuine products in terms of quality and performance and cause damage to customers who have purchased them. Additionally, they infringe on intellectual property rights such as patents, utility models, designs, and trademarks. By purchasing counterfeit products, customers may unintentionally be involved in illegal activities. We kindly ask for your utmost caution regarding this matter.

Furthermore, to help you avoid inadvertently purchasing counterfeit items, we will introduce some typical examples of counterfeit rackets below. We kindly ask you to be very cautious when purchasing.

Examples of Counterfeit Blades

Counterfeit blades may have crude printing on the surface.
(Left is counterfeit, right is genuine)

Counterfeit blades may have different font styles for the serial numbers on the surface.
(Left is counterfeit, right is genuine)

Counterfeit blades may have discolored or crudely made logo plate.
(Left is counterfeit, right is genuine)

Counterfeit blades may have tilted or crudely made handle end plate.
(left is counterfeit, right is genuine)