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Timo Boll CAF

Timo Boll CAF

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High Balanced Model With CA Fiber
Style: Attack | Reaction: 10.6 | Vibration: 10.4

CA fiber is a special material derived from wood. As it is a very flexible, it helps to hold the ball which offers a higher level of control. The thick center ply enables powerful drives. Recommended for players transitioning from an all-wood blade to a special material racket.
    • Style: Attack
    • Reaction: 10.6
    • Vibration: 10.4
    • Blade Size: 157 x 150mm
    • Blade Thickness: 5.7mm
    • Plies: 3 Wood + 2 CAF
    • Weight: 82g
    • FL Handle Size: 100 x 24mm
      Made in Japan
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