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Tenergy 80

Tenergy 80

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Butterfly Tenergy 80 has a unique feeling using a combination of Spring Sponge technology, High Tension rubber, and a tacky surface. It is excellent for a variety of playing styles due to its versatility. The designation of 80 in the name was adopted from Pimples Code No. 180, recognized for the balanced performance it offers as well as being suited for power topspin shots. It also keeps its explosive power throughout the life of the rubber without the use of speed glue or boosting. Tenergy family of rubbers, Realize Your More!

  • Tenergy 80 is the ideal balance between spin and speed, utilizing both High Tension and Spring Sponge technologies
  • Offering the same speed as Tenergy 25 with almost as much spin as Tenergy 05, all with a lower throw angle
  • Tenergy 80 enables all-round topspin play, attack, and counterattack regardless of your playing style
  • Pairs well with the Mizutani Jun Super ZLC, Timo Boll ALC, Viscaria, Innerforce Layer ZLC, and other Butterfly blades
  • Butterfly Free Chack II table tennis glue recommended when assembling Tenergy table tennis rubbers
  • Surface: High Tension Pimples-In
  • Speed: 85
  • Spin: 73
  • Arc: 77
  • Hardness: 36
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