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Butterfly Roundell rubber is a great offensive rubber, with more spin than Bryce Speed and nearly the same speed as Tenergy 05. Roundell is perfect for the beginner to intermediate player interested in trying High Tension rubber, giving one consistent reaction and controlled performance. Roundell provides a fresh glue feel and sound when contacting the ball, due to the very flexible top sheet and sponge. This Butterfly rubber is geared towards an aggressive offensive player looking for consistency and controlled performance.

  • Roundell gives you good control for the amount of speed & spin it produces, as well as the classic speed glue sound
  • This flexible rubber sheet enables fast and spinny attacks with stability, great for developing players
  • Roundell is a High Tension rubber and is for players who need more consistency with their power game
  • Pairs well with Korbel SK7, Innerforce Layer ALC.S, Maze Performance, SK Carbon, and other Butterfly blades
  • Butterfly Free Chack table tennis glue recommended when assembling table tennis rubbers
  • Surface: High Tension Pimples-In
  • Speed: 77
  • Spin: 43
  • Arc: 58
  • Hardness: 35
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