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Orthodox DX

Orthodox DX

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Butterfly Orthodox rubber is a quintessential hardbat rubber. Before the modern inverted sponge rubber existed, players used this short pips no sponge rubber (think classic "ping pong"). Due to the unique qualities, one must use a more open racket angle to use the style of rubber, as the surface does not grab the ball the way Sriver or Tenergy 05 does. However, this can also be an advantage against sponge rubber players, as your opponent may not be used to the spin or trajectory that is created by this style of rubber.

  • This Butterfly rubber is 1 of 12 approved Hardbat racket coverings
  • This short pips, no sponge rubber harkens back to the early days of table tennis
  • Orthodox rubber is very easy to control and is well-suited for both offense and defense
  • Pairs well with Andrzej Grubba, Diode V, Boll Control, Maze Magic, XStar IV, and other Butterfly blades
  • Butterfly Free Chack table tennis glue recommended when assembling Butterfly table tennis rubbers
  • Surface: Pimples-Out Without Sponge
  • Stability: 3
  • Variation: 8
  • Hardness:N/A
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