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Lezoline Unizes

Lezoline Unizes

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Recommended For A Wide Range Of Players

Butterfly Lezoline Unizes table tennis shoes designed to support a wide range of players and developed specifically for table tennis movements and footwork.

Lezoline Unizes offer a gripping outer sole, foot cushioning, a hold wearing sensation and durability that is required for table tennis. This shoe is reasonably priced which makes it a good choice when choosing your first table tennis, ping pong shoes.

The grippy sole is made of rubber and EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate). This rubber/EVA sole provides shock absorption and a lighter and more flexible sole. The upper material is synthetic fiber with artificial leather on the reinforcement areas. The overall material and design of the Lezoline Unizes shoes offer a durable table tennis shoe to meet the demands of a variety of players.

Please note that Butterfly shoes are designed to be effective for table tennis play, training, and footwork. A vital piece in protecting the shoe is a "heel counter" that’s built into the heel of the shoe. Please use precautions when putting on and taking off your shoes. Be sure to loosen the laces sufficiently before placing your foot in the shoe. This will help keep the life of the shoe. If you unknowingly put your foot on the heel repeatedly, the heel counter will be deformed, and functionality will be lessened.

Please select your size carefully.  The size chart conversion is the best way to work out your size for the most accurate fit.  Still unsure? We are here to help you, so please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your size.

Sizing for LEZOLINE


JAP (in cm) EU US
20 29 2
20.5 30 2.5
21 31 3
21.5 32 3.5
22 33 4
22.5 34 4.5
23 35 5
23.5 36 5.5
24 37 6
24.5 38 6.5
25 39 7
25.5 40 7.5
26 41 8
26.5 42 8.5
27 43 9
27.5 44 9.5
28 45 10
28.5 46 10.5
29 47 11
29.5 48 11.5
30 49 12

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