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Korbel Blade With Tenergy 05 Rubbers

Korbel Blade With Tenergy 05 Rubbers

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The Petr Korbel model is an ideal blade for variable offensive style of play, combining hard and direct attacks with a wide range of sensitive spin stokes. This blade was designed in collaboration with the legendary player Petr Korbel.

Butterfly Blade Ratings:

  • Speed: Mid-Fast
  • Feel: Soft
  • Materials: 5 Ply Wood

Tenergy 05

The first and most popular rubber in the Tenergy series, the Tenergy 05 is a revelation in table tennis technology. This rubber enables amazing levels of spin during play and is coupled with the revolutionary Spring Sponge Technology, an amazing Butterfly technology that imparts incredible speed on the ball. It is highly suitable for players that particularly like to attack with heavy top spin. 

Butterfly Rubber Rating:

  • Speed: 13.0
  • Spin: 11.5
  • Sponge Density: 36


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