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Impartial XS

Impartial XS

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Impartial XS is a great rubber for the player that wants the best of both worlds. This rubber is a High-Tension short pips rubber, but it also has characteristics that make it similar to inverted rubber. In addition to having the High Tension technology in the top sheet, the pimple structure makes it easy to impart sharp topspin loops. With almost as much spin as Sriver, players can generate lots of spin while still being capable of the quintessential powerful drives that short pips are known for. For the most demanding pips-out player, Impartial XS offers the most speed and spin in our line (even faster than Bryce!).

  • A High Tension pips-out rubber that produces heavy spin and powerful drives
  • The speed of Bryce combined with the spin of Sriver, all in a short pimples out rubber!
  • Impartial XS is recommended for players who want the maximum speed and spin from their pips
  • Pairs well with the Balsa Carbo X5, Timo Boll CAF, Sardius, and Primorac Carbon Butterfly blades
  • TABLE TENNIS GLUE - Butterfly Free Chack recommended when assembling Butterfly table tennis rubbers
  • Surface: High Tension Pimples-Out
  • Speed: 70
  • Spin: 70
  • Arc: 70
  • Hardness: 30
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