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Free Chack Pro II

Free Chack Pro II

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Improved Formula For Better Performance

Compared to the Free Chack Pro, the consistency has been optimized. This results in a shortened drying time. This achieves immediate 100% adhesion to the surface of the blade.

This means that the racket is as powerful as possible immediately after assembly. The noticeably longer ball contact time and the increased rotation support the player immediately.

  • 50ml - Includes 1x Sponge Clip & 10 Sponges
  • 90ml - Includes 1x Sponge Clip & 16 Sponges
  • 500ml - Includes 1x Sponge Clip & 48 Sponges
Please Note
  • Shake before use
  • Requires less glue to adhere the rubber to the blade
  • Requires a little longer time to dry
  • Does not dry as clear
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