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Feint Soft

Feint Soft

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Butterfly Feint Soft long pip rubber is a classic long pips rubber sheet. While it excels at chopping driving attacks from your opponent, it is also capable of attacking. This versatility makes it a dangerous weapon in the hands of any defender. Its effectiveness increases exponentially if used in conjunction with a high speed/spin inverted rubber and you are able to twiddle. This ability keeps your opponent constantly guessing which spin is coming and at which speed. If used correctly, this rubber can create a variety of shots.

  • Feint Soft is a standard long pips-out rubber that is outstanding for chopping against topspin drives
  • Best when used in combination with a high spin inverted rubber to force errors from the opponent
  • A strong first attack is possible regardless of the spin on the ball that has been returned.
  • Pairs best with Hadraw Shield, Petr Korbel, Hadraw SK, Gionis Carbon Allround, and other Butterfly blades
  • Butterfly Free Chack glue or Chack Sheet recommended when assembling Butterfly table tennis rubbers
  • Surface: Long Pimpled (Long Pips)
  • Stability: 8
  • Variation: 2
  • Hardness: 25
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