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Feint Long II

Feint Long II

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Butterfly Feint Long II pushes the envelope for what one can do with a long pip rubber. With the barely-legal long and thin pips, this rubber is capable of giving your opponents fits as they try to determine what sort of spin they are getting back. This rubber is able to create wobbly knuckleballs when blocking or hitting, as well as devestating underspin when chopping or chop blocking. This is also the favored long pips rubber for ITTF World Tour and Butterfly-sponsored player Panagiotis Gionis, who uses it on a Petr Korbel with Butterfly Tenergy 05 Hard on the forehand side.

  • Butterfly Feint Long II long pips rubber pushes the limits of the ITTF length/diameter aspect ratio for pips rubber
  • These long skinny pips are easily bent at contact, maximizing their effect and confounding opponents
  • Feint Long II possesses a wide range of spin and the consistency that defensive players demand
  • Pairs best with Innershield Layer ZLF, Hadraw Shield, Petr Korbel, Gionis Carbon Allround, and other Butterfly blades
  • Butterfly Free Chack glue or Chack Sheet recommended when assembling Butterfly table tennis rubbers
  • Surface: Long Pimpled (Long Pips)
  • Stability: 5
  • Variation: 5
  • Hardness: 38
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