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Timo Boll Forte OFF Blade With Rozena Rubbers

Timo Boll Forte OFF Blade With Rozena Rubbers

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Timo Boll Forte OFF Blade with Rozena Rubbers Description: The Timo Boll Forte Blade allows for a maximum of precision and stability. It's relatively soft core combined with strong outer veneers provide control for a dynamic and powerful play. It takes another step up in pace from the Timo Boll Off blade.

  • Butterfly Blade Ratings: Speed: Medium-Fast
  • Feel: Soft
  • Materials: 5 Ply Wood

Rozena, a rubber equipped with the world stunning Spring Sponge; its feature is high tolerance realised thanks to the combination of Spring Sponge dyed in rose with a newly-developed top-sheet. The unique High Tension Technology developed by Butterfly Enables powerful strokes to be exerted as well as a high level of consistency in play created by compensating for the delicate errors such as blade angle and direction. Rozena follows the quality of legendary predecessors by demonstrating its effectiveness in plays close to the table or a mid-distance.

  • Speed: 13.0
  • Spin: 10.8
  • Sponge Density: 35  
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