Viscaria FL Blade With Tenergy 05 Rubbers

Zhang Jike ZLC FL Blade With Tenergy 64 Rubbers

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Manufacturer: Butterfly
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Zhang Jike ZLC FL Blade With Tenergy 64 Rubbers


One of Butterfly's newest series of blades named after the 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist, Zhang Jike. This model features Butterfly's special ZL Carbon Material. The major features of this blade are the powerful attack, as well as the soft feeling, High reaction force and flexibility. This blade particularly enables a strong balanced played between attack and defense.


Butterfly Blade Ratings:

Speed: Mid-Fast
Feel: Soft

Materials: 5 Ply Wood + 2 Ply ZL Carbon


Tenergy 64


Tenergy 64 is the fast attacking rubber of the Tenergy family; the No.64 being the development code of the pimples used in producing this reverse rubber. Butterfly High Tension Technology has enabled a fast dynamic rubber to be produced by utilizing the innovative "Spring Sponge". "Spring Sponge" enables a player to grip the ball and catapult the return back at high speed and with heavy spin. Tenergy 05 is designed for playing with heavy spin, Tenergy 25 is recommended for playing close to the table, Tenergy 64 is for the attacker who plays for the offensive play in a middle distance. 



Sponge Density







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