Tenergy 05Tenergy 05 HARD

Tenergy 05 FX

Rating: Not Rated Yet

Butterfly Rubber Rating:

Speed: 13.0

Spin: 11.5

Sponge Density: 32

Description: The Tenergy 05 rubber is one of Butterfly's most popular rubbers for professional players due to extreme amount of spin you can apply on the ball. The spinny rubber and the Spring Sponge technology enables more powerful attacking strokes with less effort. This version includes the special FX Sponge, a softer and lighter sponge that gives the user more element of control compared to the original.

Manufacturer: Butterfly
Sales price: 119.00
Colour and Thickness


SOFTER SPING SPONGE GIVES BETTER CONTROL. Tenergy has proven an outstanding success combining High Tension Technology with Spring Sponge. Tenergy is well known; now there is further development which maintains high performance levels with greater control. Tenergy 05 FX combines High Tension Technology with a version of Spring Sponge that produces a softer feeling. Tenergy 05 FX is the perfect answer for players who seek heavy topspin and superb control. 



Sponge Density






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