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Custom Racket Builder

Welcome to Ariston Table Tennis Sales Custom Racket Builder.

This tool is useful for designing your own personal and custom rackets. You will get to pick and choose your own blade and your own rubbers to place on the forehand and backhand sides to create a completely unique racket that suits you.

To use this tool, first select your desired blade from the list. Information and photos will appear on the side as you select your blades and further information can be accessed be clicking Product Details. Once you have found your desired blade, choose your preferred handle type from the drop down list. Then go to the next step.

Second, choose your desired Forehand rubber. This rubber is usually red, but you can select whatever colour you wish from the drop down list as well as the desired sponge thickness. If you don't want to choose a forehand rubber you can skip straight to the backhand rubber without selecting anything. Once you are done, move onto the backhand rubber and do the same. This rubber is typically black.

Finally, you may choose to have your racket made up free of charge by our professional staff. If you would like this option, select it from the drop down list. Once you have finished your racket, click add to cart to add your custom racket to your shopping cart!



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(Optional) Free bat making


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